You walk into your office…taking a quick break from your full schedule of patients.

You see the pile of daily mail that is plopped on your desk.

Ah, a quick cup of coffee, maybe a granola bar…and shuffle through the mail.

Hmm, what’s this?

Heart Stopping

Don’t choke on your coffee…that cold sweat will go away…eventually.

It’s your first letter from your neighborhood Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC).

The ball is now in your court.

You can roll up in the fetal position and pretend this didn’t just happen.


Throw the ball back at the RAC.

OK, right, the smart move, really the only move, is to comply with this letter.

What next?

Well, now it’s game time…
If the RAC knocks on your door, they will keep coming back, especially if they see you are easy pick’ins.

Rather than just lay down and let them run over you…you first need to put up a good defense, then go on the offense.

…Also realize, more letters are coming…

The fastest and easiest way to throw this back into the RAC’s lap is to use our RAC Tracker.

At any time you’ll know:

  • When a “Request for Documents” arrived
  • When a “Demand Letter” arrived
  • When your package of files was sent to the RAC
  • Who is your office processed them
  • What the value of those files is
  • Where in the complicated process each of your files is located
  • How much money each appeal has saved your practice

Sending of your package of files is just the beginning.

Next comes the rebuttal process, which has multiple deadlines YOU have to meet.

Each step, every step, every little step has a deadline – if YOU miss a deadline – YOU LOSE.

Don’t pour tens of thousands of dollars down the drain…don’t let these guns-for-hire just walk in and take your money…put up a fight…it is your right.

Our RAC Tracker is your best weapon to keep everything organized and know exactly what is going on.

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