RAC Audits are coming…it is only a matter of time before you are sent a Demand Letter.

RACGuru.com is here to help Physicians get through the RAC process with the least amount of pain.

If you have received a Demand Letter:

OK, the ball is in your court, and  you need to take quick action.
Here are the steps we suggest you take:

  1. Track every step you take with this Demand Letter, use the RAC Tracker to help,
  2. Read your Demand Letter thoroughly and understand exactly which file(s) are the subject,
  3. Call our RAC Hotline by clicking the Call Now button to the right, we’ll give you a solid plan.

If you are looking for RAC information:

RACGuru.com is filled with excellent information to help prepare you for that inevitable day when you receive a Demand Letter.

Why is it inevitable?

Remember, RAC auditors work on commission only, this means they only make money when they take money from you!

Once RAC auditors find one bad file, they will start digging deeper into your history.
Why would this be?  Ever hear the term “low hanging fruit”?
Once they see you have 1 potential file from which they can recover money, they will continue to send additional Demand Letters until they suck you dry.